Residential VRS Introduces Gaping Holes in Prison Security

SecureVRS Closes those holes !

Implementing residential Video Relay Service (VRS) for your deaf inmates will meet the ADA's requirements and get the courts off of your back; however, it will also introduce security threats equal to issuing smart-phones to all of your inmates. Without a managed access system in place from SecureVRS, VRS calls cannot be recorded, monitored, or blocked. Even more frightening is the fact that residential VRS allows prisoners to make prison-to-prison calls.

VRS was created for use in homes and the workplace; not for correctional facilities. Without securing residential VRS, correctional facilities are risking:

NO prisoner call history
NO restrictions on outbound calls
NO restrictions on inbound calls
NO restrictions on prison(er)-to-prison(er) calls
NO limits on the number and duration of back-to-back calls
NO ability to record calls
NO ability to block calls

Isn't it time your correctional facility was protected with SecureVRS?